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DigiDaigaku Spirits

Digi Combining is the beginning of YOUR ability to build a universe. Digis will periodically receive a spirit NFT that matches the respective Digi. You won’t be able to do anything with it AT FIRST, but each Spirit is a core ingredient in creating Digidaigaku HEROES

PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! This website will not contain an exhaustive list of instructions, and you will need to pay close attention to the Official DigiDaigaku twitter page. You will need to pay close attention to not only what is written here, but what happens in the future! Many regret selling their “soul” for a quick buck, SO CHOOSE WISELY AND LISTEN CAREFULLY!

The Digi Heroes you create will have one of three bloodlines: the Strongest & Most Regal ROYAL BLOODLINE, the Brave & Loyal WARRIOR BLOODLINE, and the Highly Mercurial ROGUE BLOODLINE. NOT ALL BLOODLINES ARE CREATED EQUAL!

Bloodlines are determined by PURITY. The strongest bloodlines emerge when two highborne combine, but strong bloodlines can be mucked up easily by combining with lesser spirits. BE CAREFUL!

ROYAL BLOODLINE: this is the MOST POWERFUL bloodline. When a spirit is combined WITH a MATCHING Digi Genesis you will receive a Royal Hero. Because Royal Heroes are the most powerful, they will ultimately yield the greatest reward.

WARRIOR BLOODLINE: The noble Warrior is of a strong but impure bloodline. When a spirit is combined with a DIFFERENT NON-MATCHING Digi you will receive a warrior hero. Warriors are strong and yield powerful rewards.

ROGUE BLOODLINE: The unpredictable Rogue has a highly volatile bloodline. When you use a spirit alone WITHOUT ANY DIGI you will receive a rogue hero. Given their shifty nature, the Rogue will yield extremely random rewards.

As noted, If you come into possession of a spirit without a Digi, YOU WILL be able to mint a Hero. but the safest way to get the strongest hero is to keep your Digi together with its spirit!

If you have a Mythic Digi you will receive a Mythic Spirit. Mythic Spirits will make Mythic Heroes. THE SAME CLASSES AND RULES ABOVE APPLY!

Important details about the process of creating your digi hero will be revealed after the Spirit Art Reveal.

This is only the beginning! More will be revealed in time, but you will not be spoon fed information: you will need to PAY ATTENTION and USE YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT!

This process will reward the most patient and wisest Digi Holders. Those with the patience and fortitude to build the strongest bloodline will win in the end. CHOOSE WISELY!